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HTML Forms for Static Websites

Create a simple form for your website

Integrate any form you want to your static website. After the user submits the form, the content will appear in your Static.app account.

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  • Static form

    Static.app can display gathered information for you. To begin accepting entries, add the static-form attribute to your current HTML form.

  • Form manager

    Our Forms feature can be completely modified. You choose what data to collect. Entries and forms can be removed or exported using the form manager.

  • Forms hosting

    To start collecting data with the Form feature, simply add an attribute to your website's current HTML. Forms builders are no longer required!

How to create a form for static website

  • Upload a .zip with your static website.

  • On your current form, add the static-form attribute.

  • Done! Start collecting submission entries.

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All you need for static website forms

  • SSL certificate included

    You don’t have to purchase an SSL certificate. We provide free SSL certificates to our customers.

  • Form code editor

    Edit the code online and manipulate your form directly in our code editor. Make all the necessary changes in your account.

  • Media storage

    Keep your website content in Static.app, including images, videos, docs, etc.)

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