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Zip File Hosting

Host files online

We'll handle displaying your Zip archive online after you've uploaded it in a one simple step. It won't take long for your Zip file to be ready to use.

  • Zip hosting

    You only need a simple drag-and-drop solution or the ability to choose any Zip file on your PC or Mac to use Static.app. Your Zip will appear online immediately and you can replace it as needed and simply overwrite the old files.

  • File manager

    Online file management enables you to edit and remove files, as well as duplicate and clone them, all without leaving your browser tab.

  • Form hosting

    Add an attribute to your website's HTML after you've uploaded the Zip file and you're ready to collect data with the Form feature. There is no longer a need for form builders!

How to host your Zip file online

  • Drag and drop or choose a Zip archive from your computer to import the file.

  • Select a subdomain or enter a domain name.

  • Once you've finished your website, it's time to share it with the world!

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Everything you need for Zip hosting

  • SSL certificate included

    An SSL certificate is required and is free of charge.

  • Code editor

    Tasks can be completed in one browser window without switching between tabs. It is possible to make modifications to your account at any time by logging in.

  • Media storage

    Use Static.app to save zipped content (unarchive and host files like images, videos, docs, etc.)

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