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Upload and host images online and share them without limits

After you upload an image, we will display it online in a single step. It will not be long before your images are ready for use and sharing.

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  • Easy image hosting

    To upload and host images quickly and easily, all you need is a simple drag-and-drop solution or the ability to select any image on your PC or Mac. Need to change the image? Simply replace the previous image with the new one.

  • Image manager

    Online image management allows you to edit and delete files, as well as duplicate and clone them, without ever having to leave your browser tab.

  • Permanent link to image

    Your image will be hosted on a server with a permanent URL. This link may be incorporated into your website and email newsletter layouts. Photos will remain active until you delete them.

How to upload and host an image online

  • Drag and drop or choose an image from your computer to import.

  • Select a subdomain or enter a domain name for your image URL.

  • Once you've finished the image uploading, it's time to share it with the world!

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All you need for Image hosting

  • SSL certificate included

    An SSL certificate is required, and we offer it for free. The image URL will contain the trustable https in the URL.

  • Image editor

    If you want to modify an uploaded image you can provide you can do it right from your account.

  • Media storage

    Use Static.app to save images and more (unarchive and host files like videos, docs, Zip files, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an image host?

An image hosting service, such as Static.app, lets you upload, store, and manage images online. It offers a platform for easy access, sharing, and editing. The images are stored on servers for availability on all devices.

What are the best image hosting platforms?

There are lots of image hosting platforms out there, but Static.app shines with its unique features. It's designed to fit your needs perfectly, with quick loading times, strong security, and seamless integration. When choosing a service, consider what you need like storage, speed, and interface.

How can I host an image for free?

Static.app offers a free tier for hosting images at no cost. It's great for testing the service. If you need more features or storage, premium plans are available.

Where can I host image files?

Static.app lets you store image files securely and reliably. Your images are always available for you to access easily. It's a convenient and efficient image hosting solution.

What are the benefits of using a static image hosting service over general cloud storage?

Using a static image hosting service like Static.app offers optimized delivery for images, ensuring faster load times and improved performance, particularly for websites or apps. Unlike general cloud storage, Static.app is specifically designed to manage and serve images efficiently, providing features like image optimization, CDN delivery, and better integration with web technologies.

How do image hosting sites ensure the security and privacy of uploaded files?

Static.app ensures security with strong encryption for images. It provides secure access controls and follows data protection rules. Users' files receive careful and confidential handling for peace of mind.

Can I integrate image hosting services with my website or app?

Static.app offers tools to integrate hosted images with your website or app. It enhances user experience and boosts site or app performance. This simplifies image management and delivery within your platform.

What factors should I consider when choosing an image hosting platform for my needs?

When you pick an image hosting platform like Static.app, think about a few key things. Check the storage space, bandwidth limits, and how easy it is to use. Also, look at the image management tools and customer support. See how fast images load and if they're secure.

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