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Drag and drop to upload your archive with HTML files and we’ll do the rest to get your website online. In a matter of seconds, your website will be published and live.

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  • HTML file upload

    Our HTML uploader lets you upload and host files quickly and easily, with a simple drag and drop solution or choose any file you want on your PC or Mac. If you want to change the uploaded website or file, just overwrite the existing one and you will see new HTML files online.

  • File manager

    With our online file manager, you have the necessary functionality to change, edit, remove, and duplicate files online.

  • Website forms

    Collect data using form functionality; simply add an attribute to your existing HTML, and that’s all! You don’t need any third-party form builders.

How to host HTML file online

  • Drag and drop or choose your archive with HTML files from your computer

  • Choose a subdomain or add a custom domain name

  • Your website is live and ready to be shared!

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Not just HTML file hosting

  • SSL certificate included

    Forget about adding an SSL certificate to your site. A free SSL certificate is included with Static.app.

  • Online code editor

    Switching between tabs is no longer necessary. Changes can be made directly in your account.

  • Media storage

    Static.app is a great place to keep your website content, such as images, videos, docs, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I host an HTML file?

Host an HTML file by uploading the same on the service you prefer, and host it on any regular HTML file hosting platform. With Static.app, you can easily host HTML files by accessing your dashboard and following the streamlined HTML file upload process.

Where can I host an HTML file for free?

There are a number of free hosting services for HTML files, and Static.app is among them. In order to choose a platform to host HTML files, look out for uptime, support, and ease of uploading HTML files.

How do I upload an HTML file?

To upload HTML, simply gain access to your hosting service dashboard, then locate the file management section and use the given HTML file upload feature. Static.app provides a very simple user interface through which one can easily upload files in HTML.

How can I create an HTML file from scratch?

Create an HTML file using a text editor, structure it with the essential HTML tags, and save it with an .html extension. Once created, you can host this HTML file on services like Static.app through their HTML file upload feature.

What are the best practices for securing an HTML file when hosting it online?

Ensure the hosting of the files is done over HTTPS and implemented with best security practices. There are, of course, specialized platforms that exclusively deal in hosting HTML files. For example, Static.app already comes with security built into their stacks.

How can I optimize my HTML file for faster loading times?

Optimize your HTML file size minimally with efficient coding and leverage browser caching. Hosting your HTML files on a platform like Static.app can further improve loading times due to servers optimized for speed.

What are the differences between static and dynamic websites?

Static websites deliver the same content to all users, with content stored directly in HTML files. Dynamic websites adapt content based on user interactions or server-side processing. Static.app is an ideal platform for hosting static HTML files.

How can I update an existing HTML file on my website?

Update your HTML file by editing it locally, then use the HTML file upload and editor features on your hosting platform, like Static.app, to replace or edit the old file, ensuring your content is current.

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