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HTML File Hosting

Upload and host HTML files

Drag and drop to upload your archive with HTML files and we’ll do the rest to get your website online. In a matter of seconds, your website will be published and live.

  • HTML file upload

    Our HTML uploader lets you upload and host files quickly and easily, with a simple drag and drop solution or choose any file you want on your PC or Mac. If you want to change the uploaded website or file, just overwrite the existing one and you will see new HTML files online.

  • File manager

    With our online file manager, you have the necessary functionality to change, edit, remove, and duplicate files online.

  • Website forms

    Collect data using form functionality; simply add an attribute to your existing HTML, and that’s all! You don’t need any third-party form builders.

How to upload HTML files

  • Drag and drop or choose your archive with HTML files from your computer

  • Choose a subdomain or add a custom domain name

  • Your website is live and ready to be shared!

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Not just HTML file hosting

  • SSL certificate included

    Forget about adding an SSL certificate to your site. A free SSL certificate is included with Static.app.

  • Online code editor

    Switching between tabs is no longer necessary. Changes can be made directly in your account.

  • Media storage

    Static.app is a great place to keep your website content, such as images, videos, docs, etc.)

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