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One-click solution for your static? website.

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Upload an archive here and go live. We’ll unpack it, find and create a URL for each page that’s inside.

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Hosting solution with benefits .

Turn your ideas into reality with Static.
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    No hassle of adding https to your website. We provide a free SSL certificate.

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    No need to switch in between tabs anymore. Make changes right here.

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    Make sure your brand-new website will be unique and different.


    Media Storage

    Store content for your website right in Static (like images, videos, docs etc.)

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the intuitive way.

Don’t worry if you missed something. With Static, you can easily manage and edit your files on the fly.

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Collect from any forms. Just like that.

Static can display collected data for you. Simply add the static-form attribute to your existing form to start receiving entries.

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Start using static.app as a hosting for your websites today to get the best features to buck ratio on the market.

  • Unlimited Pages
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  • Unlimited Data
  • 24/7 Support

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