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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosting a static website?

Hosting a static website involves storing the files of your website (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) on a server. This server delivers the files to users' browsers when they visit your site. Unlike dynamic websites, static websites don't require server-side processing or databases, making them faster and more secure for delivering static content.

Is there an option to host static websites for free?

Yes, there is a free tier available for hosting static sites from Static.app. It works quite well for small projects, personal websites, or testing phases. We also offer users a trial to experience our advanced features. This setup makes it possible for the user to learn and find out how capable the platform could be in terms of its hosting requirements before a paid plan is activated.

What is the best place to host a static website?

Static.app is a leading platform that is offering hosting for static websites by providing streamlined and simple services designed specifically for developers of static sites. It offers a user-friendly environment, deploying and managing static websites with a focus on being easy, lightning-fast, and safe. By using Static.app, users can leverage its optimized infrastructure developed specifically for static content, ensuring their websites are delivered blazingly fast with robust performance.

How do I host a static website online?

To host a static website, you'll need to:

  • Register an account on Static.app.
  • Register a domain name (if you want a custom URL).
  • Upload your website's files to the Static.app, via a web interface.
  • Configure your domain to point to the Static.app.
  • Test your website to ensure it's accessible and functioning correctly on the web.

How can I secure my static website against online threats?

For the protection of a static website, you should use HTTPS, ensure your domain and hosting are secured by stronger passwords plus two-factor authentication, also ensure regular updating of any dependencies, and use security headers. Static.app does support a free SSL certificate to ensure data encryption.

Are there any limitations to what I can do with a static website?

Static websites are best when dealing with content that does not have dynamic changes. Some do not accept server-side scripting or using databases, so any interactive feature, like user accounts or real-time presentation of data from an administrator, will need extra tools or services from outside sources.

How can I update the content on my static website efficiently?

This is an easy aspect for Static.app, which promotes very nice UX of updating your website's content, thanks to its file manager and code editor. Having logged in, the user can select the files of their website to make changes directly within the platform. This eliminates additional tools or access via FTP, which is very convenient and makes the process that much quicker. Static.app provides an intuitive interface in which you can edit files either containing HTML, CSS, or JavaScript or just existing content on the site.

What are the key benefits of choosing a static website over a dynamic one?

Static websites provide faster loading, increased security, and the ease of scalability. Without the need for server-side processing, they have fewer chances to become victim to common security loopholes. Less development effort and overhead is also needed, which makes it really idealistic for such kind of websites on which content doesn't change dynamically from the point of user's interaction.

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